Listen, I’m not a dad just yet, but I do travel a lot and believe in making my journeys seamless and with little to no stress. That’s why I was intrigued by the Nuna TRVL stroller. When it is time to bring my little one with me on my travels, you better believe the Nuna TRVL will be the first stroller I review.

The Nuna TRVL folds up easily into backpack form for easy travel.

Whether you’re zooming through the airport with your little ones or taking them on a road trip, Nuna Baby is there to make your travel effortless. The TRVL stroller is their lightest stroller to date that can self-fold in seconds at the touch of a button into a super compact, free-standing package.

The stroller pairs perfectly with all PIPA™ series car seats, creating a sleek-looking travel system with just a click – no adapters needed.

If materials matter to you as much as they matter to me, then you will love the luxe materials used by Nuna Baby for the TRVL stroller. And if the sleek looks don’t sway you, maybe the ultra-lightweight 13.6 lbs. will. You can easily carry the stroller with the arm bar when folded or go hands-free and store away during travel with the carry bag that’s included or with the TRVL Transport Bag.

Nuna TRVL folds up easily for easy carrying while traveling

The TRVL stroller comes in 6 different colorways and retails for $525. Shop the various colors and accessories on Nuna Baby.

Photos courtesy of Nuna