Wilson has announced its innovative “Gen Green” collection, featuring basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls made from more sustainable materials. The Gen Green collection embodies Wilson’s dedication to advancing sport while utilizing environmentally friendly materials and supporting local communities. With a focus on reducing emissions and waste, and ensuring products stay in play, Wilson aims to protect its “home field” – planet Earth.

Innovation and Sustainability: The Gen Green Collection

Kevin Murphy, Global General Manager for Wilson Team Sports, emphasizes the importance of an innovation-first mindset, stating that “Gen Green is a perfect example of that.” Wilson aims to prioritize the use of sustainable materials in their product lines, to positively impact athletes and the environment.

The Gen Green collection comprises six different balls:

  1. Basketball: NBA Forge Plus Eco and NBA DRV Pro Eco
  2. Football: NFL Stride Pro Eco and NFL Ignition Pro Eco
  3. Volleyball: Shoreline Eco
  4. Soccer: NCAA Vantage

Eco-Friendly Materials and Innovative Technology

The Gen Green Collection from Wilson

The Gen Green Collection employs repurposed plastic, recycled rubber, and biobased sugarcane in its products. The biobased I’m green™ material, developed by Braskem®, is made from sugarcane through ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) – a material never before used in sports equipment. The EVA in the Gen Green collection generates two times fewer CO2 emissions than conventional EVA*. Additionally, select Gen Green products contain the equivalent of at least 2.75 repurposed plastic water bottles.

Affordable and Accessible Sustainable Products

The Gen Green collection is now available on Wilson.com, with all products priced under $50. Besides Gen Green, Wilson offers other products that utilize preferred materials and responsible manufacturing practices across all sport categories, including Luxilon Eco Power™ Racket String (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and Triniti® tennis balls (designed to exist outside of a pressurized can). In apparel, Seamless Technology™ comprises 30% of Wilson’s Sportswear line, offering improved comfort and fit by eliminating seams, minimizing sewing and cutting, and leading to less waste, better quality, and extended longevity.