Ferragamo has once again set a new benchmark for modern masculinity with the introduction of its latest olfactory masterpiece, Ferragamo Red Leather. Envisioned as a modern expression of sensual elegance and ease, this new fragrance for men is a celebration of tradition and innovation. It seamlessly blends craftsmanship and excellence, honoring the artisan flair intrinsic to Ferragamo and revisiting the House’s heritage with a contemporary twist.

A Symphony of Scent

Ferragamo Red Leather stands as a testament to the authentic and engaged soul of a man. It embodies the strength, ambition, and uniqueness of the modern man who values freedom, fulfillment, and self-expression. This fragrance is designed for those who find joy in connections, ideas, and success, achieving every objective with a natural aura of stylishness and confidence. Ferragamo Red Leather joins the esteemed ranks of Ferragamo Intense Leather, Ferragamo Spicy Leather, and Ferragamo Bright Leather, bringing a new, empowered, and sensual interpretation to modern masculinity.

Olfactory Journey

The fragrance introduces a unique citrus aromatic leather scent that captures the essence of modern elegance. It explores the complex aroma of Vetiver, with its earthy and smoky accents, the spicy caress of Ginger, and the uplifting tones of Sandalwood. This combination creates a lasting flux of vigour and freshness, embodying the essence of the Ferragamo man: dynamic, engaging, and endlessly captivating.

Design and Presentation

True to Ferragamo’s legacy of exquisite design, the fragrance is encased in the brand’s signature glass flacon, now rendered in iconic Ferragamo red. This contemporary twist on the House’s signature codes features a slender shape, enriched with a vibrant red band and contrasting black logo lettering. The Gancini detail, in silver-finished metal, beautifully embellishes and encloses the flacon, adding a touch of luxury and refinement.


Set to make its global debut in March 2024, Ferragamo Red Leather will be available at authorized retailers, in Ferragamo boutiques, and on ferragamo.com. This launch is not just the release of a new fragrance; it’s an invitation to embrace a modern expression of masculinity, sensuality, and elegance. Ferragamo Red Leather is more than a scent; it’s a statement, a manifesto for the modern man who is fully aware of his power and influence.