There Are Two New Old Spice Guys in Town: Desperado Guy & Swagger Guy

A few weeks back I was in Cincinnati, Ohio with Old Spice to get a tour of the Procter & Gamble headquarters. There, I had the pleasure of meeting various team members on Old Spice, from the men and women who fill the Dirt Destroyer Body Wash bottles to the marketing team behind their brilliant ads.

This week, Old Spice launched four new ads that features two new Old Spice Guys: Desperado Guy & Swagger Guy, each representing new scents labeled their respective names. Two of the four ads were introduced during the ESPYs and can be found below:

Swagger Guy, Played by Thomas Beaudoin

“5 Year Plan”

If you were asked what your 5 year plan looked like during an interview, would it look something like this? Talk about swagger!


You’ve been caught in the act, but that’s ok, just slip them the blackmail you have on them.

Desperado Guy, Played by Alberto Cardenas


Old Spice Desperado. Smells like something you should have done a long time ago. But don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s brand new, so that would have been impossible.

“Perfect Ending”

Sometimes you need to climb into a bathtub horse and head off into the sunset. Just make sure you’re hair is cleaned with Old Spice Desperado Shampoo.

Are you a Desperado or Swagger kind of guy? Visit Old Spice to grab their new scents!

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