Old Spice kicks off 2017 with two new ads developed in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy. Both ads feature the power of Old Spice Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant, and it’s undeniable talent to turn a sweaty armpit into a dry one.

Watch the new ads Radio Daze and Lean Times below, then continue on to learn more about Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection:

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection includes:

  • Old Spice Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant – Delivers 66 percent sweat reduction, outperforming the 20 percent category standard for anti-perspirants. Sweat Defense is also turbocharged with Old Spice’s proprietary BCD technology that traps and locks away bad odor as it occurs while releasing fresh, manly scent in its place.
  • Odor Blocker Anti-Perspirant – Delivers legendary performance through stronger and longer sweat protection and a 50 percent increase in BCD odor fighting technology that only Old Spice can claim.
  • Dirt Destroyer Body Wash – Old Spice’s most powerful body wash, offering 15 percent more cleansers, a 30 percent thicker formula and 20 percent more scent. Its thicker formula results in more dirt-eliminating lather on the body and less down the drain resulting in a better overall shower experience.