A common misconception by men is the need for self-care. Often it becomes too late for us to fully reverse the wrinkles and skin damage we inflicted on ourselves by not using good cleansers and creams. Luckily for us, some really cool tech is being developed for at-home use, like from our new friends at SolaWave.

I’ve heard of red light therapy before but never really considered trying it on myself. Originally I had a SolaWave review sample sent out for my wife to try but found myself using it almost as much as her.

SolaWave Review

Why Red Light Therapy?

It’s simple, really. Once you understand the benefits of red light therapy, you will see why using SolaWave daily is a must. The SolaWave wand puts off the optimal range of LED red light at 660nm. This helps deeply rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance and vibrance of the skin.

Remember I mentioned skin damage, or in my case, dullness? This helps with that, especially when you include my healthier lifestyle. I’ve been living with proper fitness, loads more water consumption, and clean foods. My skin looks better than ever!

SolaWave Wand - Red Light Therapy

How SolaWave Works

First-off, SolaWave is a 4-in-1 skincare tool all in one little, sleek wand. I already touched on the red light therapy part, but how else does SolaWave work to help you maintain healthier skin?

SolaWave uses microcurrents that produce low-voltage energy to stimulate the muscles and deeper layers of the skin, helping with signs of aging and promoting smooth, healthier skin. While the microcurrents do their thing, low-vibration gently massages the skin, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness. Lastly, the warming wand head helps increase the absorption of skincare products, reduce redness, and support healthy, glowing skin.

SolaWave Review - red light therapy

All of this works together in the science-backed wand by SolaWave that only takes about 5-minutes a day to use. I think we all should spend a little more time grooming and self-care.

You can grab a SolaWave wand in one of their four colors for $149 USD. Sarah has one in rose gold and mine in black. It looks great on my kitchen sink.