For over 20 years, ZIRH has released topical products specially designed for men, garnering attention from top pro athletes and celebrities. Now, on May 1st, 2017, the brand is launching ZIRH VITALS, an entire new set of products that promote healthy skin from the inside out.

The ZIRH VITALS collection comes in two ingestible products: PREVENT and SUPERFUEL. PREVENT is a healthy skin and dietary supplement that comes in capsule form and packs a combination of antioxidants to help strengthen capillaries and increase blood flow to the skin. SUPERFUEL is a daily superfood powder dietary supplement packed with essential vitamins and whole food nutrition to help boost digestion, energy, immune system and cardiovascular health.

“ZIRH is known for our straightforward problem/solution approach to skincare. Now, we are taking a more unique approach towards men’s skin nutrition. While applying products directly to the skin is essential when tending to problem areas, ingestible supplements can also be an effective part of a man’s skincare and health regimen. We believe ZIRH VITALS will be a revolutionary addition to the ZIRH range.”

– Brian Robinson, President of ZIRH

I’m excited to get my hands on both ZIRH VITALS products to give it a proper review. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, market you calendars for ZIRH VITALS’ official launch exclusively on, May 1, 2017.