There are some home maintenance tasks that you can’t forget about if you want to keep your house in good shape. Unfortunately, many homeowners do forget about these tasks, and they often regret them later on. This blog post will discuss 10 vital home maintenance tasks that you should never forget about!

1) Clean or replace gutters:

Your home’s gutters protect your house from water damage, so it’s important to make sure they stay clean and free of debris. You should inspect them at least once a year and clean or replace them as needed.

2) Check windows for air leakage:

When air leaks into your home, it can cause your heating and cooling costs to skyrocket. To prevent this, you should check all of your windows to make sure they are properly sealed. If there is an issue, hire a professional window installer to fix the problem.

3) AC maintenance:

Your air conditioner is vital to keeping your home comfortable, so it’s important to have it serviced regularly. Have a professional inspect and clean the system twice a year, and make sure all filters are replaced when necessary.

4) Clean the dryer vent:

The lint that builds up in your dryer’s vent can be a major fire hazard. To prevent this, you should clean your dryer’s vent on a regular basis. This involves removing the lint trap and vacuuming out any debris from the vent itself.

5) Plumbing maintenance:

It’s important to inspect your plumbing on a regular basis, especially if you have an older home. Look for signs of leaks or corrosion and make sure everything is hooked up correctly. You should also consider getting your drains cleaned every few years to prevent clogs. Get hydro-jetting services from a professional plumber to clear away any stubborn debris.

6) Trim back trees and shrubs:

If you have trees or shrubs near your home, it’s important to trim them back on a regular basis. This will help keep branches from breaking off in bad weather and hitting your house. It will also make sure the plants don’t block the sun from reaching your windows.

7) Seal cracks around windows and doors:

Cracks around doors and windows can allow outside air into your home, which can increase heating costs. To prevent this, you should use foam sealant to fill in any cracks that may appear over time.

8) Your lawn maintenance:

It’s important to keep your lawn mowed and trimmed on a regular basis. This will help it stay healthy and look great. You should also fertilize it at least once a year and consider getting lawn care services if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

9) Check the roof for damage:

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so it’s vital to make sure it stays in good condition. You should inspect it every few years to look for signs of wear and tear and repair any damage that may have occurred over time.

10) Paint the exterior:

The paint on your house’s exterior protects it from weathering and water damage. If you notice that the paint is starting to peel or fade, then it’s time to repaint it! This will help keep your house looking great for many years to come.

These 10 key home maintenance tasks are all very important to keep track of. Neglecting any of them could lead to costly repairs down the line, so it’s best to stay on top of your home maintenance! We hope this blog post has been helpful in understanding what tasks you should never forget when it comes to keeping your house in good shape.