If working from home has become more of a permanent solution for you, then it’s about time you turned your home office into a place you want to be in. The more comfortable and stylish you make it, the more productive you’ll be. You can even add a touch of your own personality to the decor and feel like a boss. Certain additions such as plants and artwork are said to have a positive effect on your work, so it’s worth investing in a few. You could also treat yourself to some new tech, lighting, and equipment to create the optimum ergonomic set up. Here are a few more stylish ideas for sprucing up your home office this summer.

Create a stunning feature wall

Why not transform the space with a stunning feature wall? You could reveal the exposed brickwork, for example, or plant a vertical garden. If you’d rather not make two many changes to the structure then you could simply create a feature wall using a selection or artwork, photos, or memorabilia. If you prefer you could even use a theme relating to your job, business, or hobbies. Here are a few more tips on how to create a unique home office feature wall.

Showcase your music collection

One cool way to create a feature wall in your home office is to showcase your music collection. If you’re a lover of vinyl then you could display a few of the ones with the most artist album covers. You could also showcase your music collection high up on shelves or in alcoves and make the most of the vertical space.

Treat yourself to new crockery

It might not make much difference to the overall decor, but you could simply treat yourself to some new crockery. You could get a few rustic coffee mugs to make that morning beverage more special. If you have more traditional decor these would also match perfectly, if not you could opt for more modern designs. Why not set up a few old fashioned mason jars on your desk as well? You could fill these with snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Another classic desktop staple is a refillable water bottle. You could get yourself an elegant glass version for a more sophisticated look at work.

Make fancy tech a feature

You’ll likely need the latest tech in your home office to make your life easier. You could even turn this into a feature. Show off your fancy electronics or sound system, for example. It’s worth investing in the right tech for your home office. If you work in an outbuilding, attic, or basement, you might need a WiFi upgrade. Look into devices such as the weBoost cell phone signal booster for your home. These will make your connection more accessible wherever you are.

Invest in a stylish rug

Rugs also make a lovely feature and a huge difference to the atmosphere of any room. You could opt for a more sustainable option. Research independent designers that work with locally-sourced materials. You could also check out second-hand markets and thrift stores. Here’s where to find ethical artisan rugs that will look stunning as well.

Decorate with original artwork

Artwork is said to have a calming effect in the workplace and this can actually help to boost productivity. This is because it’s inspiring to look at and engages your curiosity. If you’re the artist type yourself you could create your own pieces. If not, you could find out more about local artists. The theme of the pictures you choose should depend on the atmosphere you want to create. You could opt for anything from provocative sculpture to delicate watercolors.

Have fun with statement colors

For a more minimalist look, why not use a block color for a statement wall instead? You could choose the color that you find most appealing. Opt for a bright yellow or gold hue to inspire positivity. Bright blues and greens can help to build a more relaxing atmosphere. You could even add bold black features to create a modern artsy space. Here are some more examples of the best home office paint colors.

Upgrade your lighting

You need optimum conditions to work in and lighting is very important. You could consider upgrading to smart lighting. Smart bulbs will automatically adjust to create the perfect environment. They’ll also help you reduce your energy bills. Smart lighting can be synced with an entire smart home system which allows you to monitor your energy usage from a single device. This way you can easily find areas for improvement. You’ll not only save on utilities but it’s better for the environment as well. Here are some of the best smart light bulbs in 2021.

Collect a few vintage accessories

Vintage accessories add a touch of character to any room so keep your eye out for a few for your home office. You could look in vintage stores or at antique markets. You could even create a theme with your vintage items. If you work as a freelance photographer, for instance, you could decorate your home office with vintage accessories related to photography such as used cameras or reels, or black and white photos. This will give the chance to really get creative. If you’d like a simpler option, vintage posters and advertising always add a quirky touch. You could even look for brands that relate to the type of business you work in.

Repurpose carts for mobile storage

If your space is a little limited you’ll need clever storage ideas. You could try using upcycled carts and trolleys as mobile storage. These can be brought in and out of the office easily or stowed under the desk when you’re not using them. They also have a fun vintage appeal. Here are a few more tips on how to create a stylish small home office.

Get a new mouse mat

A new mouse mat can make all the difference. It might be time to ditch your worn old one and to check out some cool retro mouse mat designs instead. These will add to the overall look of your home office and are much classier than old mouse mats with your brand logo on them. You can even get custom-designed mouse mats with your own pictures or favorite artwork. If you’re on a bit of a budget but still want to spruce up your office, treat yourself to a new mouse mat or other small accessories this summer. A few little upgrades will help to improve your mood and productivity more than you might think.

Fill the room with fresh aromas

Another way to boost your well-being at work is to transform your office into a sensory space. There are in fact essential oils for productivity and focus such as lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint. You could add a few drops to a diffuser or get a couple of candles. This way you also fill your home office space with fresh aromas and delicious scents of the summer.

Put up notice boards

You could put up notice boards that will match the overall decor of your office. Cork boards are great for pinning reminders too. Peg boards are also pretty popular for tools and stationery or you could hang notes on peg lines. Another option is to go minimalist and DIY your own grid board. You could even repurpose old metal fencing. You can then clip notices to the metal framework. Find an original way to display your reminders and create a more personal style.

Create a windowsill garden

A touch of greenery is very beneficial in the workplace. It has a very calming effect and plants are also great self-care reminders. Tending to your plants is a lovely way to disconnect during your breaks. You’ll then return to work more energized and ready to be productive. Why not create an entire windowsill garden? Add a mix of succulents, colorful flowers, and even herbs. This way you’ll be able to get in touch with nature while you’re stuck in the office. It’s a wonderful way to turn your office into a sensory space. You could create a theme with stylish plant pots and other accessories. Here is a guide on how to start a windowsill garden.

Upgrade your equipment

It’s difficult to be productive if you’re not comfortable and this is why you need an ergonomically correct workstation. If you feel your desk furniture isn’t giving you sufficient support it might be time to invest in some stylish new equipment. It’s worth spending a little more or a chair that will give you back support, a larger desk, new monitor, and ergonomic keyboard and mouse. These will help to prevent workplace injuries such as repetitive strain, headaches, and fatigue. Treat yourself to a more luxury desk set that will impress your clients on conference calls and make you feel like a boss. With a few upgrades like these, you can really transform your office.