When you need a little R&R from the hectic throes of life a man cave can be a lifesaver. Your own little sanctuary away from family, work, and day-to-day troubles. For some, it may be the only room you can truly call your own and are free to decorate as you please. Read on for some sharp styling inspiration to make your space the envy of your friends.

1. Boss Of The Bar

Home-made or professionally built, a bar is the staple of any cool man cave. Lined with the finest whiskeys you can afford, a fridge full of ice-cold beer, and enough ice to sink the titanic, your bar should be the focal point of the room. Imagine kicking back with a bottle of bud, or an aged single malt watching the game. Or even better invite your buddies over for the evening and crack open the drinks – just make sure you invest in some great carpet cleaning the next day to scrub up all the spillages!

2. Super Screen

A giant screen means high-quality viewing. Whether you’re into sports, movies, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians (no judgment here!) a big TV is essential to your space. If you’ve got a plain wall think about buying a projector, screen and some surround sound speakers. If you’re serious about having the best of the best invest in some ceiling speakers to really add some impressive luxury to the room.

3. Pick Your Passions

Do you love music? Would die for the Knicks? Use those passions to personalize the room and make it unequivocally yours. If you enjoy playing the guitar, hang some to create some playable art, or line the walls with jerseys of your favorite players. Gamers make sure you have ample space for gaming chairs and a desk worthy of the best Twitch professionals. If you have any trophies of your own show them off – this is no place to be shy!

4. Smart Seating

Obviously, this space is for you, but you’re likely to have a few friends over or even want your family to join you from time to time. Ensure you have at least one chair just for you. Comfort is key so a good quality recliner should do the trick. Once you’ve found your dream seat, look for a couch or two that compliments.

5. Rack ’Em Up!

A pool table is a fantastic feature in any man cave. The ultimate in luxury – a large, rich, wood table evokes the air of an old-school billiard room, full of men in smoking jackets. Whilst you might not be interested in pipes and cigars, a pool table is a great compromise. If pool isn’t your thing, create some entertainment by lining the walls with 80s arcade games. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is keeping the high score!

Are you creating your own man cave? Let us know which tips you’ll be following to make your space an inspiration to your pals!