If you’re an adult of legal drinking age, chances are you get a hangover from time to time. Yes, you try to be responsible—and always are when it comes to important things like how to get home. But every once in a while your college self comes out (especially if you’re still in college) and the fun of the night ends up becoming the pain of the morning. Now we know you’d never be so reckless if you had something to do the next day. Since you’re free, why not try that time-tested remedy, hair of the dog? And while you’re at it, why not let this fun little glass help you?

Hangover Cocktail Recipes

The Fred GOOD MEASURE Hangover Glass comes with a measuring tool and 7 cocktail recipes perfect for curing hangovers printed right on the side. No need to spend your precious energy on looking up what you should make. That awful headache probably wouldn’t have let you anyway. Nope! Just take a gander, fix your drink, and you’re on your way to feeling better. They even have a single ingredient recipe for those really bad days when you can’t be bothered with opening multiple bottles (it’s beer).

So, go ahead, prepare yourself for that next hangover. At only $10 each, you really have no excuse not to.