Anyone who’s ever lived in a small place knows how important being smart with your space can be. Sure, the default solution is to go with less/smaller stuff than the average household would have. But what happens when you need a larger workspace or, heaven forbid, want to entertain? As someone that’s occupied tiny apartments for the vast majority of their adult life, this is definitely something I can relate to. Having people over for dinner usually meant a whole song and dance of moving furniture to the bedroom, renting chairs, and trying to dress up a folding table to look halfway presentable (it never did). As it turns out, there are designers out there with the exact same problem, including Marcus Voraa. And what did he do? You guessed it: designed a solution.

Rollout Table

Named “@“ for the pattern the tabletop creates when wound up, this beechwood beauty is perfect for people that can’t dedicate space to a full-size table all the time. And it’s super easy to use. Just pull out the nested legs to the desired length, crank out the top, and you’re all set. Much nicer than that folding table you keep in the closet that threatens to pinch off a part of your body every time you use it.

Now, if I could only figure out where to purchase one for myself…