While I can’t decide if the Alpen Bike Capsule looks more like half of a nautilus shell or Bubble Tape dispenser, I have decided that I’m kind of in love with it. The sleek container is a great storage option for any avid cyclist, especially those who either aren’t happy with their dedicated garage space or don’t have a garage at all. The Alpen Bike Capsule focuses on both security and safety with an incredibly strong, waterproof, roto-molded polyethylene body that bolts to the ground and features a built-in lock with key. As for the anodized aluminum door hub, it operates with a smooth ball bearing rotation. So, I would imagine opening and closing the pod is probably as satisfying as the rides you’ll be taking on your perfectly protected bike.

Alpen Storage Bike Storage Concept

The Alpen Bike Capsule is available for pre-order now at a limited-time price of about $900.