This beautiful little composter from the MoMA Store makes me so happy it’s borderline weird, and I don’t really care. Let me explain. It’s always been important to me to be as environmentally friendly as I can. Walking instead of driving, purchasing sustainable and efficient products, hang drying clothes—things of this nature. However, when it comes to waste I could definitely be better. Don’t get me wrong. I still donate, recycle, and buy fresh food with as little packaging as possible, but when it came to composting I was failing pretty hard. Between the fact that we have zero outdoor space to call our own where we live, and that things aren’t the most spacious inside, it really felt like I had no choice. That is, until now…which is why I’m so excited.

Compost Pile

Desk plant

While the MoMA composter doesn’t have an elegant name, it definitely makes up for it with its design. It’s made of bamboo fiber, wood fiber, cornstarch, resin, and dye and measures just 9 x 7.25 x 7.25”. So not only does it look nice enough that wouldn’t mind keeping it out all the time, it’s small enough that you would barely notice the area it takes up. As for smell (definitely a concern for indoor, small-space composting) it has a thick carbon filter so you’re totally covered. It’s even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning between uses.

The amazing, eco-friendly MoMA Store composter retails for only $40 ($36 if you happen to be a member) and can be purchased here.

Images: MoMA & Pixabay