If there is one thing us bachelors can never have enough of, it’s bottle openers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends over and my table acted as a temporary bottle opener while we searched my drawers. Let’s just say, my table hates me and has the abuse marks to prove it. Sorry, baby.

Two friends from San Diego created Brew Cutlery, a hybrid design that features both a bottle opener and well, cutlery. Their mission was to create a unique bottle opener that won’t get lost. Because who ever loses their forks and knives? Brew Cutlery is crafted from high quality 18:10 stainless steel, assuring you a solid design and effortless ease to open any bottle.

Starting at just $18 USD, you can back Brew Cutlery on Kickstarter and receive one set which includes one fork, knife, and spoon. I however would recommend the $100 price point, which includes 5 sets of the above mentioned.

Brew Cutlery in Action