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If you’re living in a flat where space is somewhat of a premium, you will need to pay careful consideration to the sorts of designer furniture that you opt for.

Large, L-shaped sofas are straight out the window (if it fits) of course and you’ll need to study the dimensions of your bijou space and choose your furniture accordingly.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic designers out there who are well-versed in creating designer furniture that is suitable for more or less any type of space and you will be able to achieve some stunning results if you make sure that you don’t opt for overbearing pieces of furniture in your less than grandiose space. Let’s take a look at some iconic pieces of designer furniture that would be ideally suited to small apartments:


Bar Stools

For flats with a limited amount of space, you need to think laterally (literally) about how to fill that space and one of the biggest space hogs in any living space will be that of seating.

Stools are a great option for overcoming this issue and simple yet striking varieties like these Johannes Andersen counter stools will definitely look great in any contemporary space and won’t use up square footage unnecessarily.

PK20 Rocking Chair

Another contemporary seating idea that will keep you flat looking uncluttered is this minimalist PK20 Rocking Chair from Poul Kjaerholm.

Space-saving furniture is a must when you don’t have much floor-space to play with and you’ll kill two birds with one stone with this fantastically designed chair as it looks incredibly stylish and is unparalleled in the comfort stakes.

You will be able to rock out till your heart’s content on this exceptional rocking chair that will provide plenty of seating options for any flat that is running low on space.


Charles Eames ETR Coffee Table

In a small flat, you’re still going to require surface areas to place your things and you should ideally be aiming for long, thin pieces such as the Charles Eames ETR coffee table above which is fantastically stylish and extremely practical for those short on space. This elliptically-shaped coffee table is multi-functional (no, not as a surfboard, if that’s what you were thinking) and offers a considerable amount of interior design flair – something which is essential when you don’t have the requisite space to make your make with larger, statement pieces of designer furniture.

Horizontal Sideboard George Nelson

To squeeze in a little extra storage space into a small flat, something like this Horizontal Sideboard from George Nelson will tick all of the right boxes and give your space a sharp, stylish and sophisticated look that is a must for modern living.

This excellently designed piece of furniture first saw the light of day back in 1950 and it is testament to its enduring appeal that dedicated replicas are still being made of George Nelson’s design to this day. It boasts the sort of timeless appeal which is often found in furniture from this era and the fact it won’t take up too much of your precious space is another reason to be impressed.

Obviously, these are just are few ideas of how you should populate a spatially challenged flat but they are certainly a good starting point and give you an idea of the types of designer furniture that are out there for those who don’t currently reside in palatial style homes!

All images have been used with permission of Swivel Designer Furniture.