Ambient Light and the Earth’s Magnetic Field Spins These Globes

If you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift, or just something new to decorate your home or office, you must check-out MOVA. Created by William W. French, a man with a physics degree that had the ambition to create a product that uses both “Art and Science”.

Available in multiple sizes and artistic styles, the MOVA globe spins indefinitely thanks to the hidden solar cells that power the drive mechanism. Similar to how a compass works, the globe use Earth’s magnetic field and ambient light.

Jupiter MOVA Globe

Depending on which size you get – MOVA Globe, MOVA Minis, or MOVA Cubes – the prices will vary. However, the value is great since you will never have to charge its battery, because it doesn’t have one, unless you count Earth’s magnetic field.

Learn more about MOVA products on their website, or pick one up on Amazon.

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