Everywhere you look these days you see advert after advert for using solar panels in the home. When people try to find the answer as to why solar panels are such a good idea, they are often bombarded by the environment, and why we need to be trying to save the planet. These are not incorrect reasons, but there is more to it than that. Solar technology has introduced more possibilities than we’ve ever known in our human lives. Being able to harness the power of the sun to power your home?

It’s a new concept but it’s one that’s going to be revolutionary if people could just jump on board. When you consider politics and the way that oil is used to start wars, being able to use renewable sources of energy is going to potentially end those wars, and if only the politicians could jump on board then so would everybody else. Solar power is more than just a trend, it’s what we need to be doing as human beings to save the planet that sustains our life. The scientists aren’t making things up when they say that our planet will not have very long to live if we don’t start looking after it properly. In fact, scientists are warning us every single day that we need to be doing more to help.

Solar panels for home use or solar panels for business use, it really doesn’t matter. The point is that you need to be doing something to do your part to keep the planet alive. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should be giving up solar power, take a look at all of our reasons listed below why you should stop dithering and just say yes.

1. Solar is a free energy resource. No, that unfortunately doesn’t mean that you get solar energy powered to your home for free. The actual panels will cost you some investment up front. However, unlike gas or coal, sunlight is every renewable energy source that never requires you to keep pumping in more. It’s there, and it’s available simply by waking up in the morning. When the sun is shining, your home is being powered. When it’s not shining, all the stored energy throughout the day is put into batteries and is there for you to use during the night. Almost every conventional energy resource that we have right now requires fuel or petroleum to produce electricity. These are costing more and more, and companies are capitalizing on that. You cannot capitalize on the sunshine, because everybody benefits from it. It’s free for everybody no matter what. Nobody has as yet worked out how to pay a premium on sunshine, so we have solar panels.

2. It’s environmentally friendly. Climate change is very real, and whether you want to believe that or not is completely up to you. The fact is, we need to have something friendly to the environment to reduce those CO2 emissions that are pummeling the atmosphere. The narrative hasn’t changed for many years, because we are not learning that we need to do better for the environment, not worse. Thankfully, we have plenty of activists on hand to help teach everybody that we need to be doing more for the planet. By investing in solar power, you are giving yourself the chance to save the world. Even if it is only a little bit.

3. Making the most of your roof space. When you pack your roof with solar panels, you are making the most of unused roof space. It’s prime real estate up there, and is there to protect your home from the elements. You could also use it to give your home the elements so that you can keep powering your house for less money. Solar panels on an unused roof space can entirely powerhouse.

4. Pay less for your energy. We are currently in an energy crisis post COVID, where the prices are going through the roof. Most people are struggling with how they’re going to keep up with their energy bills as the prices continue to rise with the price caps lifting. Investing in solar power helps you in that sense because you will only pay for what you use. When you are connected to a local utility grid you don’t just pay the electricity company. You pay surcharges and other fees on top. With solar panels, you generate your own electricity, and you will reduce your monthly energy bill in general.

5. The cost of solar panels is shrinking. We talked about the fact you would need to put money into getting solar panels in the first place, and it would help to know that the actual cost of solar panels is not as expensive as it used to be. There are growing developments out there of more affordable and efficient solar panel technologies. The price between 2018 and 2019 alone fell by 13%. As solar panels become more mainstream, companies will be fighting for the best deals.

6. Solar energy creates jobs. We need experienced people to run the solar panels and to fix them when things go wrong. Having solar panels created creates new jobs for people to enjoy. You need people to fix them, to maintain them, to sell them, to market them, to talk about them, you name it and there is a job for it.

7. Unused land can now be used. The landmass of the earth actually covers 29% of the surface of the planet. 33% of that figure is land mass that is desert. There are so many underutilized as it lands out there and these can be used for the construction of solar PV plants. Not only will this put good use to it, it will allow electricity to infiltrate spaces where there is scarcely any reliable electricity source. You can install solar panels in the desert, and this could help to develop the third world.

8. This could be your chance to go off grid. If you are sick and tired of paying your bills, and you want to start living on the land for yourself, you can use solar panels to help you to do that. You need to have the Internet to be able to stay connected to the world, but you don’t necessarily need to pay a company out there for your electricity bills. With the help of solar paneling, you can make sure that you stay connected, stay working, but stay self sufficient at the same time. With the aid of energy storage systems, you could use solar energy for your home appliances during the day and you can store the excess at night time.

9. It’s super cheap to maintain. After the installation of your solar modules is done, there is very little maintenance to be done with it. Solar paneling systems are known to have no moving parts, and This is why the maintenance is very low. Solar panels also only need to be cleaned once every two months and that will depend on how much dirt and dust accumulate on them. Given that solar panels can last for more than 20 years, all you need is a soft and non abrasive cloth to wipe off dirt and dust.

10. The energy for solar power is abundant. There are many known truths about solar energy, but it’s an abundant source because the source is the big fiery ball of light in the center of the sky. The sun radiates 170,000 terawatts of energy on the earth surface everyday. Being able to convert at least some of that into solar energy for you to power your home, your business, even your car, could help you to give back and stop using the non renewable energy sources that we are still relying on.

11. You can store excess energy in batteries. It’s one of the brilliant things about solar power: you can still use it at night time. The sun does not have to be out for you to benefit from using solar energy, and you can bet that you’ll be able to run your washer and dryer based on solar energy through the night while you’re asleep. You won’t pay a premium for using your energy at night time, and you’ll be able to continue to use all of the energy that you are storing in batteries.

12. You can charge your car. While we’re talking about giving back to the environment, let’s talk about the fact that most cars are going to be electric by 2035. If you know that you can plug it in your car into your home and it’s going to charge up based on the energy that you give it outside, you’re going to be able to enjoy your solar panels even more. Knowing that your car is going to be environmentally friendly as well as your house? That’s a big reason to say yes to going for solar energy in your home.