The home can either be a haven where you go and relax, or it can be a source of stress and anxiety. Our surroundings have a huge influence on the way we feel. As we spend a lot of time at home, this is the place that has the greatest effect. There are many factors that come into play when you consider how your home may affect your mental health. It may be n idea to sit in your rooms and observe the way you feel to understand this better. However, to give you a few ideas, here are a few ways you can upgrade your home to improve your mental well-being:


One of the best ways to upgrade your home to improve your mental well-being is to declutter. There are so many benefits of decluttering, from creating a house that is less stressful and produces less anxiety to making it a less contaminated space to. Clutter is a breeding ground for dust, mould, animal dropping, etc., to grow, and it dries out and contaminates the air. Decluttering also allows you the space to move on in your life. It has a cathartic feel about it. You are finally letting go of the past and stepping beyond it to a brighter future. The clutter-free home is safer, too, as you are far less likely to fall over something.

Natural Light

A home that is conducive to your mental health has a lot of natural light entering it. Natural light is a superb way to combat seasonal depression. It also helps to regulate your circadian rhythm – otherwise known as your sleep cycle). If you do not sleep enough, this could be one of the reasons, and sleep is a huge mood boost and a way of levelling out your mood. Natural light and sleep also improve your immune system. Let’s face it, the healthier you feel, the more you will do for your health, like exercise. Natural light is free, so getting more of it is a no-brainer. Just open your curtains more, or have a skylight installed. If your home is on the dark side, then paint the walls a light colour and use mirrors to reflect more light. This is a great trick to add the illusions of space too.

Inject Your Personality

A lot of homes are standard. People all seem to have the same this and the same that; where is the individuality? If you want a home that is good for your well-being, then you need to start using it as an extension of your personality. Some paintings and other forms of art would be a great start. You could have a feature wall where you can put up canvases and photos that you love; think about furniture too. Maybe reupholster a few things and buy some unusual pieces like this clothes rail. Have a look in the charity shops for something old and quirky if that is your style. Allow the inner you out. Your home is your space, so make it yours.