No, don’t leave! You’re all probably a bit confused (and slightly disgusted) at the title of this post. Hoarding is normally seen as a very bad thing, mainly because you end up with so much clutter that completely ruins your home. Proper hoarders live in an absolute pigsty, making it impossible for them to have guests.

However…there are times where hoarding can be a pretty good thing. The main example of this is when you hold onto and hoard things that could be very valuable in a few years or decades. Look at your old toys from childhood as an example. Last year, Pokemon cards absolutely exploded in value. People were buying and selling them for outrageous amounts of money, and many individuals made a fortune by selling old collections they kept since childhood. If you cleared your clutter many years ago, you could’ve thrown out something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The same goes for things like Beanie Babies – or any other item that seems to have no use but might be valuable later in life. By retaining these things – or ‘hoarding’ them – you can cash in on them if they become popular. Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard and hoard every single item you’ve ever owned. Also, you want to avoid cluttering up your home as much as possible.

As such, the trick is learning how to hoard smartly! Yes, there’s a technique to it, and here’s what you should do:

Be selective

To avoid becoming a full-on hoarder, you need to be selective in what you choose to hold onto. The best advice is to only keep things that may be valuable in the future. This means toys, tech gadgets (like Gameboys and Playstations), along with anything that’s unique or limited edition. Avoid holding onto anything that is broken or damaged – it’s not worth it. Also, don’t hoard clothes or stupid things that literally hold no resale value.

Keep things in storage

Now, this is the master tip that will allow you to keep hold of things without turning your house into a tip! Instead of hoarding anything in your home, put it in storage. As you can see here, there are lots of storage options available for you to rent. Pick a size that suits your needs, then keep your belongings there.

Funnily enough, this has more than one benefit. Of course, you save loads of space at home and can keep items that might be worth something in the future. Moreover, you keep them in a more secure location. Storage units are heavily guarded and secured, meaning there’s less chance of your items being stolen.

So, next time you’re doing a clearout of your old stuff, think twice before throwing something away. It might be worth holding onto it, just in case it’s valuable in the future. Also, keep an eye on different trends, or Google specific items that you own, to see if they’re worth selling. You see, hoarding isn’t always as bad as you think, as long as you do it properly.