Having the exterior and furniture in the same style indicates taste and an understanding of current trends. Homeowners study fashion trends and think about how they will fit into their homes before changing the interior. Today, all you need to do is check out the internet. Many forums and bloggers are advising on different ideas. But not everyone can be trusted.

Users can order an oak dining table with a bench from the best designer, but it may not fit in their home. For friends and relatives, having an incongruous element can show the homeowner’s bad taste. Therefore, it is important to understand what elements are compatible with your furniture when choosing a coffee table. Our analysts have highlighted some tips to help users solve this problem.

Why it’s important to style the coffee table

The coffee table is not considered a fundamental piece of living room furniture. But it is the one around which friends and family gather to sit in the evening and discuss many things. People care about what to relax around and socialize with loved ones. It is believed that a good coffee table should be:

  • compact;
  • comfortable;
  • functional;
  • accessible to everyone sitting at it.

But even when all of these functions are met, people can be uncomfortable sitting at it. To avoid this feeling, it needs to be styled and improved. Here are a few ways in which this can be achieved.

Scale up

A living room can be decorated in a variety of styles, but when selecting a coffee table, the scale and proportions of the piece should be taken into account. When thinking about what to put on the coffee table, you should consider that the items should be no more than a third of the actual height of the piece. In this case, the proportions will be used correctly. Such items will not be conspicuous and will only accentuate the style of your table.

The user can use:

  • decorative items;
  • books;
  • vases;
  • family photos, etc.

Special care should be taken with vases. If it is bulky, it is best not to put it on the coffee table. It is more correct to take curved thin and not tall vases. On the Cosywood website, you can find a wide range of the right tables for the right proportions.

Using things that indicate your hobby

A home’s interior is a reflection of the owner. When people enter your home for the first time, they should immediately take a portrait of the owner. Therefore, when thinking about what to put on a glass coffee table, owners put different elements indicating their passion. This is the right strategy to follow.

Since the coffee table is the one most often gathered around, you can put several items on it that indicate your hobbies and hobbies. For example:

  • books on various subjects;
  • sports cards;
  • knickknacks from travels.

These items should be of the right proportions. Otherwise, it is better to place them on bulkier tables or the living room wall. The presence of these items will help to get to know the person better and guests will know what topics to talk about. They will also know immediately if you have common interests and new acquaintances can become good friends faster.

Use minimalism

People search about what to put on coffee table ideas, and homeowners come up with lots of ideas and want to implement them all at once. As a result, the coffee table gets very disorganized, and even for a coffee, you have to sort through piles of books, magazines, and various knickknacks.

To avoid such situations, you need to think in advance about what items will be on this table. There should not be many of them. The number of items should not exceed 3. In this case, the UK resident can arrange the right accents and the most relevant things.
But it is not enough just to choose these elements. They need to be placed correctly and leave room for everyday items. For example, space for:

  • a favorite book;
  • a cup of coffee;
  • TV remote control, etc.

These items will not always be on the coffee table, but they are there every day. Therefore, think about the arrangement of the items and the number of items in advance.

Modernize your coffee table

Some owners don’t just want a coffee table. They want more armchairs, poufs, and other supplements. It depends on the fashion of the living room. But the table can be modernized. For example, you could:

  • add a footstool at the bottom;
  • add a small shelf on top for small items;
  • add table lighting for a dramatic effect.

Doing these things will help you improve the coffee table. Don’t be afraid to experiment and do it with the interior.