CES 2015 has been chalk full of big announcements. One in particular that has homebodies talking is Kwikset Kevo — the industry’s first smart lock — partnering with Nest Learning Thermostat. The collaboration will bring current and future Kevo owners greater control of their home’s temperature, with the added bonus of energy savings.

Available now, customers owning both Kwikset Kevo locks and Nest will be abel to set their thermostat to Home and Away modes through the Kevo app.

“Kwikset’s integration with Nest is an example of Kwikset’s commitment to improving the Kevo user experience,” says Keith Brandon, director of residential access solutions, Kwikset. “Both Nest and Kwikset add convenience to users’ active, on-the-go lives and we are proud to provide added value for consumers with both products.”

How Does it Work?

If you already own Kevo or Nest, you already know how intuitive and cool both products are. This integration doesn’t complicate things or add any extra steps, it amplifies them. By simply locking, Kevo automatically prompts the user to set their Nest to Away mode, which lowers the thermostat to a lower energy-saving temperature. Unlocking does the exact opposite by automatically switching Nest to Home mode and adjusting the thermostat to the user’s preferred temperature. And just like that you’re saving energy.