I was recently sent a Leesa mattress to test. Full disclosure: I’ve never slept better in my entire life. Leesa is a new sleep company redesigning not just your mattress, but the entire mattress experience.

Leesa has taken out the middle-man mattress store experience, with all of its broken promises of a good nights rest, and replaced it with online-only availability. Instead of spending hours trying to choose which type you should buy, Leesa leaves you with just one question: which size? Once you’ve chosen the size you need your mattress is compressed, boxed and shipped within just three to five days. All mattresses cost less than $1,000, which if you’ve ever gone shopping for a mattress before, you know that’s roughly 2-3 times cheaper than what you might find in store.

“Americans spend $20 billion a year looking for better sleep in a mattress store,” said David Wolfe, CEO of Lessa. “We believe the search is over. Our beautifully designed and crafted mattress is affordable, easy to buy and extremely comfortable, helping people improve their sleep quality, which is important to overall health.”

I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t a bit pessimistic when first hearing about the Leesa mattress. The thought of paying for something that I would be using every night and not having the chance to test it first made me a bit skeptical. But there is something to be said about a company that is confident enough to sell their products online-only. Besides, if you really didn’t think the mattress was for you, Leesa provides 100 night, risk-free in-home trial, backed by a full refund policy and free shipping. I’d say confidence is something this company doesn’t lack.

Leesa Mattress

The mattress is built with premium materials to help assure you a better nights sleep. Its cover is woven from a single piece of polyester-lycra blend fabric that feels soft to the touch. The top layer has a 2″ cooling AVENA® foam that helps air-flow for a cool night’s sleep. The middle layer features a 2″ contouring memory foam that relieves pressure, while the 6″ layer adds strength and durability with a dense core support foam.

All-in-all, if I were one to give out 5-star ratings this would be it. The Leesa mattress is by far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned, let alone slept in. If you’re in the market for a new mattress and hoped for an affordable solution, check out Leesa.