Extending your home can increase its value by at least 10% and give you more space to personalize it to your style. Increasing family size and lifestyle changes such as remote working may require you to change your home layout to accommodate new changes. While moving may be among your top considerations, it may not be the best when your workplace is close, and your children have settled at school. A good idea is to invest time and money to extend your home. Here are some options to consider.

1. Create a kitchen diner with a side-return extension

Today, many homeowners can’t help but transform their property as costs of the building continue to rise and land is becoming less available. Side-return extension offers an excellent way to maximize your property by turning wasted outdoor space into a flexible living room. For instance, a side return extension allows you to expand an alleyway into a desirable living area. While cost may depend on the available space, side return extension focuses on the dead areas instead of your garden’s best parts. This shouldn’t take more than ten weeks to complete. However, it may take longer depending on how you intend to décor its interior.

2. Consider self-storage

Using a self storage facility can be a safe option when running out of space on your property. It can solve most of your problems even when you decide to stay put instead of moving by offering safe storage for your belongings. This may be the case when you are undertaking a renovation or extension project and need a place to keep your belongings. Since builders wouldn’t want to work around your items or have them in their way, self-storage offers a safer and more economical way to accommodate your surplus when you need space in your home.

3. Create conservatory

Conservatories are available in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, with plenty of options for individuals with a limited budget. While most people hire design and construction businesses for convenience, you can DIY this project to save money. Conservatories come in various standard designs and can cost you as little as £3,000 for you or your contractor to install. Meanwhile, tailor-made designs are available from custom conservatory or orangery firms, with lower to mid-range types ranging from £10,000 to £15,000.

4. Rear extension

A rear extension is excellent for creating more space and adding value to your home. It is designed with more robust materials and can usually last longer than a conservatory. A rear extension can serve as an extra bedroom or kitchen. You want to find the right contractors or expertise for this job since the slightest mistake can lead to delays, stress, and increased costs. You can check in with your friends and relatives about builder recommendations. Get references from builders who may be interested in the project, and if possible, review some of their completed projects and seek answers to all your project concerns.

Home extensions are more popular today than ever as it offers an excellent way to boost your home space without relocation stress.