How MIDEA’s Portable Air Conditioner Saved My Office

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When you buy a home, especially one that has central air, you assume the entire house will be cooled. That is not the case for every home; a lesson I learned the hard way. You see, I spend the majority of my time in my office. Since I work from home, I’d say I’m in their upwards of 8 hours a day. Now normally that wouldn’t be a big deal at all, as that’s an average workday, however, I’m in an office with no exhaust vent which makes the central air rendered useless. Needless to say, it gets hot as heck inside there and I’m cooking from 11 am until 8 pm. It has been downright miserable… until now.

“Hey, Alexa, turn on my MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner.”

Reviewing MIDEA's Portable Air Conditioner

And just like that, my office is cooled off in just a few minutes.

When I received my MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner, I was just a little bit excited to review it. Knowing I could now spend hours in my office feeling cool and comfortable was such a relief. It is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to cool down a 100 Sq. ft. room in their home.

MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner Features

I’ve had other portable air conditioners in the past, but nothing quite as innovative as what MIDEA America has created. The MIDEA MAP08S1BWT has a number of unique features that will change the way you cool your home, or in my case, my office space.

WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled

Thanks to its WiFi capabilities, I’m now able to control the temperature of my room via MIDEA’s smartphone app. It’s nice being able to turn it on when I’m away from home so that it’s the perfect temperature when I return back to the office. Additionally, because of its wireless features, you can also take advantage of its voice-controlled Bluetooth option. Simply ask Alexa to turn it on and you’re all set.


Everything included

Each portable air conditioner comes equipped with a full-function LED remote control (batteries included), adjustable window brackets, and all other necessary installation accessories. MIDEA takes into account that not all windows are the same, so they equip you with everything you would need.

MIDEA Portable AC controller

Easy Installation

Installing the MIDEA Portable AC took my wife and me just 10 minutes. Once you install the airtight bracket in your window frame and connect the clip-on drainage hose, you’re pretty much done. The only thing that took a little bit of time was making sure everything was sealed. Once again, no more than ten minutes or so. We have sliding windows, however, it works just as well with hung windows as well.

MIDEA Portable AC review

Functional Design

This particular portable AC provides an easy to read digital LED control panel that allows for easy control over sleep settings, timer, fan, mode (cooling, dehumidification, fan), temperature setting (62-90°F), and power functions.

Discount off MIDEA air conditioners

Starting July 18 through August 1, Joe’s Daily readers can receive 15% off their MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner by using our exclusive link found here. Don’t let those hot summer days keep you from being comfortable in your own home.


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