Nothing makes a home feel more inviting and comfortable than fresh fragrance. An interior space that smells great is also a major contributor to good mental health and wellness. And while there are tons of commercial air fresheners, you can purchase, most of them come with chemicals that can do your body more harm than good in the long run. And why fill your home with chemically composed air fresheners when you can have natural fragrance wafting in your interior? Here are some natural ways to make your home interior smell amazing.

1. Invest in essential oil room spray and diffusers

As the name suggests, essential oil room spray products are made of natural ingredients and perfect replacements for commercial air fresheners with toxic chemicals. They come in almost endless varieties regarding the type of fragrance. You have to pick one that appeals most to your sense of smell, and you’re good to go. They are also very easy to use, so keep this in mind. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a cup of water, shake thoroughly, and use in your living space. You can also use an essential oil spray on materials and fabrics like pillows, curtains, bedsheets, table covers, your couch, and even on some of your clothes. There are even specially made sprays designed to tackle specific types of odors. For example, you can find instant-release sprays and diffusers that can effectively get rid of weed smell on your clothes and in your home.

2. Buy fresh flowers

Granted, buying fresh flowers regularly is a bit unrealistic for many people. But if you’re expecting company at home and want to make your interior smell amazing for your guests, getting a few sweet-scented flowers isn’t a bad idea. Different floral types or plants smell amazing, from lilies and roses to hyacinth and magnolia, so feel free to choose the most suitable option. Pick the flower varieties you prefer, make a beautiful bouquet, or scatter them in the target rooms.

3. Make DIY air fresheners from natural products

Thanks to the internet, you can find many tips or hacks for making DIY air fresheners at home. The options are almost endless, from making as simple as making orange peel candles to making your lavender sachets. The most important thing is that you use natural products.

4. Get rid of bad odor

Many things can leave your home smelling a bit funky. And until you eliminate all sources of bad order, even the best air fresheners will not have much impact. So, take the time to get rid of bad odor. One of the most common culprits of funk in the home is the garbage can. Always make sure that you empty your trash regularly and deodorize your garbage can often. You can also put dryer sheets in your garbage can to absorb the odor and eliminate the funky smell. Also, try opening your windows often to eliminate stale air and let in some fresh breeze.