Nest Wall Storage

When you first come across a Nest by Paul Ketz, it doesn’t take much to see exactly what makes it so great. The “wall object” is a clever alternative to traditional home storage options, and a perfect testament to functional art. As demonstrated in the photos—my personal favorite is definitely the produce—there isn’t much that Nest can’t hold. Truth be told, this post is taking me way longer to write than it should because I keep thinking about all the different ways I could use it (I live in an apartment with little storage and a lot of stuff). So many options: by the front door for those shoes I keep tripping over, in the bedroom upstairs for all of the throw pillows I’m still convinced we need, a place to display houseplants, somewhere to put gaming controllers and remotes…I’ll just stop here.

Nest is made of rubber bands, tightly held in a steel frame. It comes in black with black bands and red ties, white with white bands and multi-colored ties, and green with pink bands and black ties (watermelon). They are available for purchase via Paul Ketz.

Nest Watermelon

Nest Sports

Nest Produce

Nest Skateboard

Nest Balloon