NewAir Flipshelf Review

My wife and I go through a lot of wine for our job, and I’ve always felt we weren’t properly storing our bottles at the ideal temperature. I have wanted a wine fridge for as long as I could remember but never really had space for one until we moved to our new home in Illinois. The Universe must have been listening to me because NewAir messaged me earlier this month asking if I wanted to review the NewAir FlipShelf™ (SKU: NWB180SS00) wine fridge.

NewAir FlipShelf Review

Built-In or Freestanding Design

Sarah and I are currently renting our home while finding the perfect house to buy and settle into. Because of this, we can’t really make any major changes to this house, such as installing a wine fridge into the cabinets. It’s all good, though, because the NewAir FlipShelf™ was designed to be versatile. Its 24″ size slides easily into standard kitchen cabinets or can be used freestanding in any room in the house. In my case, I decided to put it into my home office.

Highly Customizable Design

Initially, when I received my NewAir FlipShelf™ Beverage Fridge, I thought I would end up filling it with wine. Though my love of wine would make it easy to do just that, I realized I wanted to utilize their unique design to hold more than just vino. Think hard seltzers, beers, Red Bulls, etc. If I were to do just wine, the NewAir FlipShelf could store up to 54 bottles. Flip the shelves over, so they’re flat, and it can hold up to 162 cans. That’s a lot of storage!

NewAir Wine Fridge Review

Precision Digital Thermostat

Whether you plan on filling up your fridge with wine, ice-cold beers, or a variety of different beverages, NewAir makes it easy to change the temperature to fit your needs. Its temperature ranges from 37°F-65°F, so you can really have it all. I’ve personally gone with 45°F, so I could effectively house any type of beverage. The ideal temperature for icy drinks like beer or hard seltzers is around 37°F, while wine does better at temperatures close to 50°F.

It Just Looks Good

I’m a fan of modern design. Nothing too flashy, with simple lines and loads of function. It features stainless steel accents throughout that blends perfectly into my office. The triple-paned glass door lets you show off your beer and wine collection while sealing in cold air for maximum efficiency.

NewAir FlipShelf Review


Would I recommend the NewAir FlipShelf™ (SKU: NWB180SS00) to those looking to purchase their first wine fridge? Absolutely. I would go even a step further and highly recommend the NewAir brand as a whole. Though the FlipShelf is 100% my speed, after looking around their site, I’ve noticed a few other wine fridges I would consider in the future, as well as one of NewAir’s Cigar Humidors. They make some really great products that are worth exploring if you’re in the market.

Thanks again to NewAir for sending out this wine fridge for review. I hope to have it for a long, long time.

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NewAir FlipShelf Video Review