Parachute Bedding Review

Let’s be honest, few things are as satisfying as when we get to experience our favorite things. My personal list right now contains a well-crafted cold brew coffee on a sunny day, catamaran rides through clear water, and actually getting to spend a holiday with my family. Now, to be clear, I said ‘few things’ for a reason. Recently, I discovered something that’s just as good as — if not better than — experiencing a favorite thing, and that’s finding a new one. In this case: bedding by Parachute. 

A Happy Coincidence

Earlier this year, I finally made the transition from my college Ikea twin bed to a more substantial queen (mostly because my fiancée couldn’t seem to stop ‘accidentally’ headbutting me in the middle of the night). Luckily for me, it was about this time that Parachute reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying out any of their product.

Parachute Bedding

You guys…

You guys…

I can honestly and confidently say that I think I may now own the world’s most comfortable bed. You know when you stay at a nice hotel, how the sheets have an amazing sturdy crispness to them? If you combined that with the lived-in comfortable feel of the sheets you used as a kid and still use when you go home (the ones your parents have had since the dawn of time) THAT’S about where you land with these sheets. But we didn’t just get the sheets, after those came in we HAD to get the duvet and shams as well. So, basically, we just live in our bed now. Our giant, fluffy, crisp, soft, cool, cozy, amazing bed.

About the Brand

Parachute’s bedding was inspired by a stay that founder & CEO, Ariel Kaye, had at a hotel on the Amalfi Coast. When she returned home and discovered that it was impossible to find bedding comparable to purchase for her own bed, she decided to create it herself. And, thanks to her collaboration with expert craftsman, that’s exactly what she’s done. As if the products themselves weren’t amazing enough, the more you look into what Parachute does, the more impressed you get. The materials and producers they use were diligently sourced from all over the world, which explains the exceptional quality. Not only that, but everything is responsibly made — something pretty important like to consider as often as we can. And to top it all off (yes, there’s more), they’re also partnered with Nothing But Nets, a global organization created by the UN that donates malaria-preventing bed nets to families in need. Genuinely think the only way I could love this company more would be if purchases came with a free unicorn (but I feel like those would be a lot to take care of so, on second thought, I’m good).

In case you were wondering, Parachute doesn’t only offer bedding, they do bath and other products too. They even have a holiday gift guide and gift cards if you’re not shopping for yourself right now. Just be forewarned: if you only end up getting something for someone else, there’s a good chance you’ll end up keeping it (not that anyone could blame you). So you should probably go ahead and treat yourself a little too. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people that hates to be extremely comfortable and happy.