Finding the perfect cup of coffee is no easy task. Matter of fact, some might say it is damn near impossible. The Poppy Pour-Over ($TBD) however, might be the solution.

Not only is the device downright sexy, the Poppy Pour-Over guarantees you the freshest cup of coffee possible. It allows you to adjust variables like water temperature, grind size, and brew time to recreate the traditional pour over process. Thanks to its built in burr grinder, the Poppy Pour-Over keeps essential oils by crushing rather than chopping the beans. This along with its smart presets allows you to brew boutique roasters’ beans the way they were intended.

But that’s not all. There’s an automation element to this stunning coffee machine. Using the Wink app, you can brew a batch or single cup for yourself on demand, and even share your favorite settings with the pour-over community. Get automatic refills on your favorite coffee beans, water filters, and coffee filters delivered by Amazon when the machine detects that you’re running low.