Portable Standing Desk From Humanscale Design Studio

QuickStand Eco Portable Desk

Now more than ever, we find ourselves needing the perfect workstation at home. I’ve worked from home for over ten years now and still see myself improving my office. With the Coronavirus affecting the working economy, those not used to the idea of a home office is struggling to get settled in. They say sitting at a desk will shed years off of your life, so allow me to share a standing desk you might consider during your social distancing at home.

The folks at Humanscale Design Studio has created the QuickStand Eco, a next-gen portable sit/stand desk solution available in laptop, single or dual monitor configurations. They each weigh less than 60-pounds; 38.5 lbs, 42.3 lbs, and 45 lbs, respectively.

Portable stand up desk

I’ve wanted a stand-up desk for along time now since I’m in a chair most of my day. Since I’m a gamer, too, the QuickStand Eco would be great for the times I’m working and not gaming. Anything to get me up and moving around is ideal.

Head over to Humanscale’s online shop to learn more.

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