Retro Patent Posters Make a Great Gift for Just About Anyone

Whether or not the holiday season has already started might be up for debate, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to start looking for gifts now. If you happen to have any gamers, musicians, tech junkies, or individuals just into general nostalgia on your list, you might want to begin your journey at It’s exactly what it sounds like, a website that sells retro patents—or limited-edition posters of them, anyway. Fender’s 1965 guitars, the 1987 Atari, Google’s 2004 Gmail, and Apple’s 1982 mouse are just a small sample of what they have available right now. Each features the unique patent number at the top; product designs/schematics in the middle; and company, submitter, and date at the bottom.

Retro Patent Poster Record Player

Camera Patent Retro Poster

Posters can be purchased in 12”x18” or 24”x36” on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper, or (some) as a 24”x36” Deluxe Hardwood Print.

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