Sapira Just Made Boxed Mattresses Fancier

A couple of years ago, the innovative company Leesa joined the home delivery boxed mattress revolution, and I had the lucky opportunity to give one a try. Between all of its cooling features and memory foam layers, it’s probably no surprise that it only took a couple of nights before I decided that I couldn’t be more in love with it. But as amazing as this brilliant mattress is, there are some people out there looking for something a little more traditional and luxurious. It is for these discerning individuals that the founders of Leesa created the sister brand, Sapira.

Designed to be the perfect hybrid of the conventional spring mattress and the delivered memory foam options of late, Sapira mattresses boast all the best qualities of both. The construction is very similar to what we’ve come to appreciate in the Leesa, with top airflow layers to keep you cool, and a pressure-relieving memory foam layer beneath those. They key difference is in the base. Where the original comes with a 6” layer of dense core support foam, the Sapira mattress has two layers of 1” support foam, with premium grade steel springs—that go all the way to the edge—sandwiched in the middle. Now, you no longer have to choose between the convenience of online ordering and richness of the classical styles. In fact, with the Sapira, they’ve even taken home delivery one step further with their optional white glove service.

Sapira by Leesa Mattress

One final thing that’s definitely worth mentioning about both of these brands is how amazingly responsible they are. They donate one mattress for every ten they sell; they support local, national, AND international non-profit organizations; they’ve partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every individual mattress they sell; and they’re completely American-made. That said, if purchasing from companies that you’re proud to stand behind is important to you, you can easily add these two to your list.

So, if you’ve been interested in seeing what all the fuss was about with home-delivered boxed mattresses, but weren’t quite ready to give up on the traditional, luxurious springed ones, I highly recommend you give Sapira a try. With a 100-night trial wonderfully affordable price point, and super easy returns, you really have nothing to lose.

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