This post is sponsored by TP-Link but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The term smart homes used to be for the likes of Tony Stark, and other rich billionaires with their Siri like homes. But not anymore. TP-Link is revolutionizing the home by creating intelligent and cheap (in price) smart home products made for everyone. Best of all, they work seamlessly with other smart products you probably already have, like Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap.

Setup is Easy

Having a smart home doesn’t mean you’ll have to hire a professional to set it up. It’s actually rather easy. TP-Link sent me their Smart Home Plug and Smart Home Bulb to test out, and both were installed in just a few minutes. Once I found the ideal place for them, all that was left was to download the Kasa App and connect them to it.

Using the Kasa app for my tp-link bulb

TP-Link Bulb in Action

TP-Link Smart Outlet

These two items are super handy, and are easily controlled via my smartphone and Amazon Echo. The Smart Home plug allows me to control whatever is plugged into it, as well as set a timer for when I want it to turn on or off. Similarly, the TP-Link Smart Home Bulb can also be turned on or off via your smart device, or even cooler, change brightness and colors through the Kasa App.

Visit TP-Link‘s online store to see what other smart home devices they have to offer.