Drinkmate review

I have wanted to test out a drink carbonator since they first came to the market. Many brands are competing to be the best, but in the end, it’s all about the result–perfect carbonation.

The folks at Drinkmate sent over one of their carbonators for review, and my wife and I dived right into testing it. We were eager to see just how it would change our lives. Previously, we would buy La Croix and other sparkling water products, but knew we were wasting too much money. A carbonation machine would save us a few hundred dollars a year and help reduce waste. We are both trying everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint, so naturally carbonating our beverages was a necessary next step.

Drinkmate Review

Drinkmate sent us their Ivory White carbonator with one CO2 tank cylinder. Other colors available are royal red and matte black.

Drinkmate carbonators

I was genuinely surprised how easy it was to get our Drinkmate up and running. After we washed the included bottle, we attached the CO2 cylinder to the back and got started on carbonating our first drink. Sarah filled up the bottle with water, squeezed in some fresh lemon juice, and away we went. Just moments after locking in the Drinkmate bottle and pressing the button, we had perfectly carbonated lemon water. It tasted better than La Croix or any other sparkling water brand I’ve had before.

Because it doesn’t require power, there is no need to keep Drinkmate near an outlet. We took ours down to our pool and refreshed any bubbly drinks that lost its carbonation. For example, a coke that fell flat too quick under the sun and a cranberry vodka that needed a little spruce. There are no limits to what you can add bubbles to.

I’m quite embarrassed it took me this long to finally get a carbonator in our home. Sarah and I pride ourselves on being hosts and love sharing new recipes with our friends and family. We both can’t wait to try some Drinkmate cocktails with them the next time we have a get-together.

If you lack counter space, might I recommend you try out the Drinkmate Spritzer? Both use the Fizz Infuser, so you can be sure you will get the perfect amount of carbonation every time.