In a recent episode of Architectural Digest’s “Open Door,” we get taken into the home of music producer and DJ, Zedd. Born Anton Zaslavski, the self made millionaire purchased an impressive $16 million USD mansion in Benedict Canyon, an area of Los Angeles close to Sherman Oaks. The modern 9,500-square-foot home features everything from a recording studio (duh), heated pool and gym to a customized skittles machine and a live tree in-which the house was built around.

Additional charming elements of the house that sold Zedd were the four hibachi grills and pot filler over the stovetop. Perhaps the most relatable part of the house is what Anton calls the “Costco Room.” You know, so he never has to leave the house. Who would want to?

Tour Zedd's $16 million dollar home

It was only a few years ago that if you heard someone say they were a DJ, you might have not taken them seriously. Much like when I use to tell people I blogged for a living, I would receive a moment of silence, followed by a lot of questions. For example, the one I hear all too often is, “how do you make money doing it?” This is something that I’m certain DJs, too, have had to explain over and over, though not anymore. I’m sure the video by Architectural Digest will speak volumes.