Gentlemen, the time of the “sloppy” design-uninspired male has truly come and gone. No longer are men renegade to the realm of the masses of the great unstyled, indeed in many ways, we could proclaim that the time of the great male style revolt has begun, and men all over the world are taking to it with the same levels of enthusiasm once reserved for our women-folk.

So if you’re still thinking that the standard “black leather and chrome” living room will suffice when establishing your Alpha credentials – you are so very, very mistaken. Need some advice?

Thought so.


Let’s start at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or otherwise, having a home that contains elements of all who live in it or entirely a space of your own, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your sense of style and design inspired masculinity, for florals and peach tones. By the same token, you also don’t have to have a space that is entirely testosterone-fueled to attain that same level of man-style accomplishment either.

It’s all about how you design common spaces in your home versus that one space that’s all yours.

So let’s assume you’re a family man and your adoring other half has deigned that you may have one space in your palace, that’s all yours.

The comfort factor. A common misconception is that “comfort” is a synonym for sloppy and this isn’t true (unless it is, in which case – keep reading). It’s all about finding that harmonious sweet spot that exists somewhere between college room pigsty and English Manor house. So that means, go Vintage. As far as thematics goes, Vintage immediately gives off old-world energies that ooze man about town. It speaks to the days of the “establishment” and invites tones of husky, musky browns. You can find some inspiring ideas here.

Put up that trophy wall. Yes, really. There may be some solid science behind this act of self-aggrandizement. Turns out, when we relive our glory days of the past, it creates a psychosomatic connection to our present and subconsciously eggs us on to want to experience that feeling of winning again. Ergo, we start pushing ourselves a little harder in our current life.


If you’re lucky enough to have your bathroom, you can go to town. Outside shower spaces, free-standing tubs or inside showers with different lighting settings that mimic various outdoor experiences are all possibilities for today’s modern man. Bit of a germaphobe? Never fear, you can find automatic soap dispensers and tons of contactless gadgets et al for your bathroom, so you can feel free to host the most discerning of guests even in the age of the Great Pandemic.

All jokes aside, the modern man is spoiled for choice when it comes to creating unique and innovative spaces and when you combine personal interests and hobbies into your design pursuit that space, becomes a natural extension of you.