Pura Vida–pronounced POO-rah VEE-dah–translates in English to mean, “Pure Life.” This simple translation, however, has a far more profound meaning to the people of Costa Rica, as it’s not just a saying, but a way of life.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo recently launched “Pura Vida For All,” the phase one launch of a hoped to be resort wide wellness program. The aim is to introduce guests to the Pura Vida way of life Costa Rica is known for, and to showcase the countries’ secret to living a longer, happier and healthier life.

The program is being spearheaded and developed by FS Costa Rica’s Wellness Coordinator Kelli Ricco, who I had the pleasure of sitting down with personally and getting to know her goals and aspirations for the program. She was also kind enough to set us up with a full-day’s worth of wellness activities guests of the program would experience themselves.

‘Pura Vida For All’ Wellness Program

1. Wellness Concierge

The Pura Vida For All program starts participants’ stay off with a personalized consultation with a Wellness Concierge, who will assist not just on the journey while at Four Seasons, but also their daily lives thereafter. They’re there to assist you with the program and help you best achieve your wellness goals while staying at the resort.

2. Life Continues with Movement

Part of the Pura Vida lifestyle is being active. Whatever your ideal pace may be, Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica has an activity for you. I personally chose to partake in the yoga and guided meditation with Alberto, who I must say was particularly good. There’s no better way to start your day than with a clear mind and a relaxed body.

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Additional activities you can choose from include a full body workout, Pilates, Pura Vista Climb stairway challenge, a wellness walk, a Stand Up Paddle Board Class, and more.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - 'Pura Vida for All'

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica Fitness Room

3. Wellness-Approved Meals

No matter which five food outlets you eat at, you’re bound to get a delicious meal made with local Costa Rican ingredients. And if you’re looking to stay within the Pura Vida For All wellness options, Four Seasons had made it easy. Each menu includes specially marked menu items that are highlighted as wellness-approved dishes, so you can be sure you’re eating right.

'Pura Vida For All' approved wellness meals at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

4. Rebalancing Energy Treatments

Before visiting Costa Rica, I’ve never had an energy realigning treatment before. Nothing would prepare me for how well I would feel after my body’s seven chakras were rocked. The spa features locally-inspired hot stone massage or Thai-Yoga treatments that uses native pure toned gems.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica Spa Treatments

After your treatment, or perhaps after one of your daily activities, I recommend some time in the cold and hot dipping pools.

Hot and Cold Dipping Pools at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica Spa

5. Voluntourism

Four Season Resort Costa Rica offers an optional voluntourism initiative with their charity partner Creciendo Juntos. Through this partnership you have the chance to give back by donating funds or school supplies to local children, or in my case, dedicate time to help paint a school.

Volunteering at Creciendo Juntos School in Costa Rica

The experience was one I’ll never forget. All of the kids greeted us with open arms and put on a show before we started painting.

*Bonus – Direct Flights to Costa Rica

It will please my fellow Angelenos to know that Alaska Airlines provides direct flights from Los Angeles to Costa Rica–both Liberia (LIR) and San Jose (SJO). See the flight schedule below:

  • LAX/Liberia: Depart – 8:20 am; Arrive – 2:58 pm (Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun)
  • Liberia/LAX: Depart – 4:00 pm; Arrive – 9:10 pm (Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun)
  • LAX/San Jose: Depart – 8:20 am; Arrive – 3:05 pm (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
  • San Jose/LAX: Depart – 4:10 pm; Arrive – 9:35 pm (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica