While I admit that it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to go camping, it still remains one of my favorite things to do. As anyone familiar would agree, it’s more of a lifestyle (however long or short it may be) than an activity per se. That said, when it comes to explaining exactly why I love it so much, it’s easy to understand why it would be pretty impossible to narrow it down to just one reason.

I can, however, offer you five—but they’ll have to come with a little detail.

1. Stargazing

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written then you know I grew up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mostly trees. It’s also not a secret that one of the things I’ve missed the most since leaving has been the scenery, and that most definitely includes the night sky. Getting out of the city and staying somewhere without light competition can mean the difference between a sad smattering of light dots and a plethora of stars, gasses, planets, galaxies, and meteors. So, you know. It’s basically a free light show that comes with wishes. Not sure who wouldn’t want that.


2. Hiking/fishing/floating

Chances are, if you find yourself on a camping trip, you’ve chosen your destination based in large part to what you would be doing while you’re there. There are very few outdoor activities I can think of that I don’t thoroughly enjoy doing. While this can sometimes make planning things out a little difficult, it ultimately means that whatever it is we choose it’s going to be a blast.

One of the most popular activities campers love is to indulge in fishing. It is an excellent time to hang out with your friends, experience a new skill (for those who’ve never fished before), and bring back some food.

Before camping, if you plan on fishing, you need to make some arrangements to accomplish this. For instance, you need to pack fishing equipment like a fishing rod and buy baits like salmon flies. These flies attract big fish due to their attractive patterns and color that the fish cannot reject.

To reap the most benefits from these baits, you need to know how to tie the salmon flies; otherwise, you can always buy them from experienced tyres.

You will significantly benefit when you buy the salmon flies while they are already tied, particularly if you’re not a fishing connoisseur. This helps you escape from endless fishing and it gets you the best fish in the lake, and what’s more fun than going back to your camping site with your fishing goals achieved.

Hiking with friends

3. Literally everything that has to do with a campfire

Campfires!! I don’t know exactly why, but campfires are one of my most favorite things. They make you feel safe and comfortable, you can’t beat the socializing that happens around them, and the food you can make using a campfire is always fun and unique (if you think I mean wieners on a stick then Pinterest has some things for you to see). They’re even fun to build. I think my only beef with a campfire is getting one started. When I tell you that it’s taken me a solid hour to get a fire going before, unfortunately I’m not lying.

Duraflame Roasting Logs
Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logos

Don’t worry though, I now make sure to keep a box of Duraflame next to the tent and sleeping bag in my storage closet so we can be sure not to have a repeat. Because waiting an extra hour for your orange peel cinnamon rolls is NOT something that makes a list of what’s great about camping.

Roasting hot dogs on a camp fire

4. Sleeping outside

Okay, prefacing this one with the note that all of this happens with proper cushion and cover, but I get the BEST sleep outside. I know I’m far from the first person to say this, but the weird part is that I’m typically the WORST in the morning. Not so much mood-wise, but in that I actually can’t get my eyes to stay open and uncrossed. Again, unfortunately being completely honest. Mornings after sleeping outside, it’s like I’ve woken up with a caffeine high without the jitters. I’m sure it’s something like the hyper fresh air and lack of screen time that I have to thank, but the difference is so good it’s almost upsetting.

Sleeping in the wild

5. The perspective that comes with camping

This is one that will give back what you put into it. Some people take things to the point where they only eat what they can find or catch and sleep on the ground without a tent. They’re probably going to return home feeling much more connected to nature and appreciative of what they have. However, for those that can’t camp without an RV or cabin with electricity, chances are they’re not going to be having as much of a profound experience. The good news: I’m pretty sure most people fall somewhere in the middle.