Earlier this year I wrote about my experience shopping at Zappos and how I felt like a fool for not knowing they sold more than just shoes. Little did I know they would become one of my favorite places to shop online, especially for new workout gear. I’ve been in the market for new shoes, shorts, and shirts for running, but haven’t found anything I’ve liked until this past week. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve gone with Brooks… again!

Not that I’m really surprised either. Back in May, before my wedding, I was eager to drop some weight and get my lifestyle back on track to a healthier me. All my old workout gear needed to be replaced, so I looked to Zappos and Brooks for help. Since Zappos had fast + free shipping and a 365 return policy (awesome), it seemed like the perfect place to shop for all of my fitness attire needs. And Brooks quickly became my favorite brand for working out.

New Brooks Revel Running Shoes

What I love most about Brooks shoes is their comfort. Even when I’m just going on a walk, they’re the first pair I reach for in my closet. I must have looked like a kid in a candy shop when I received my Zappos package with my new Brooks gear.

New Brooks Revel Running Shoes

I picked out the Brooks Revel in their Black color, but they also come in Methyl Blue, Toreador (red-ish), and white. Honestly, they all look good, but I only needed one pair, because I’m not crazy ;)

Their smooth fabric lining creates an undeniable comfort inside of the shoe that I love, while its profile sockliner is contoured to fill any negative space under the foot. The latter is really noticeable, making this one of the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever worn.

Learn more about the Brooks Revel running shoe on Zappos.

New Brooks Shirts and Shorts

I decided to pickup a few extra Brooks shirts this time around since last time I only bought one cautiously, not sure if I would love it or hate it. Spoiler alert: I loved it.

After browsing their collection, I settled on the Brooks Distance Short Sleeve (Heather Black) and Brooks Ghost Short Sleeve (Heather Asphalt). Both feature a comfortable fit and the wonderful Brooks Drilayer technology that helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day; especially during those hard workouts.

Brooks Distance Short Sleeve Shirt Brooks Distance Short Sleeve

Similarly to the shirts, I went with the Drilayer fabric for my shorts. The Brooks Fremont Shorts feature a semi-fitted, mid-rise cut that contours perfectly to your body. Their perforated panels have been purposely placed in areas to provide the best ventilation and airflow. Trust me, you really notice this during and after a long run.

Brooks Fremont Shorts

I’ve only had my new workout gear for a week, but can already tell that I’m going to love it. Anything to help raise my fitness game is a plus in my book.

Of course, I don’t expect for you to only take my word for it. I highly recommend you head on over to Zappos and check out the Brooks collection for yourself. And hey, don’t stress about not loving whatever item you go with. Zappos has a 365-day return policy for a reason. You should love whatever you buy, and I’m quite certain you will!

This post was sponsored by Zappos. All opinions are my own.