There are so many things to love about finishing a long hike with friends. Like the feeling of accomplishment as you look out over the trails you just conquered, knowing the rest is downhill, or, in my case, cracking open a refreshing mike’s hard lemonade and celebrating a great day out in the sun.

My Hiking Gear

Before I get to celebrating with mike’s, we should discuss gear. There are a few things I like to have with me to help ensure a successful hike. See below:

Hiking Gear

Hiking in the woods with friends

I highly recommend investing in a good pair of hiking shoes, and avoid wearing ordinary sneakers. For one, you won’t have to worry about getting your sneakers dirty, and most importantly, avoid any unwanted blisters that might occur due to poor foot support.

Make sure you bring with you a light backpack to hold your supplies. And, of course, don’t bring too many things. Only the necessities such as sunscreen, lip balm, a towel or small blanket, bottles of water, a hat, and a first aid kit.

This is not a definitive list, but it should help you get through your day on the trails.

Celebrate with mike’s hard lemonade

mike's hard lemonade 'My Party Picks' pack

After our day hiking the trails, we stopped at our local grocery store to pick up some mike’s hard lemonade to enjoy out back of my brother’s house. It was such a successful day adventuring outside that we just couldn’t see ourselves wasting the rest of the day inside.

Wanting to try mike’s HARD Strawberry Lemonade and their new HARD Blood Orange flavor, we decided to grab their ‘My Party Picks’ pack, which also featured mike’s HARD Lemonade and HARD Black Cherry Lemonade.

mike's HARD Strawberry Lemonade flavor
Celebrating a great hike with mike’s HARD Strawberry Lemonade

mike's HARD Strawberry Lemonade flavor

mike's HARD Strawberry Lemonade flavor

Apart from loving the refreshing taste of mike’s original HARD Lemonade, the HARD Strawberry Lemonade flavor might be my new favorite – it tastes awesome and the hints of ripe berry come through nicely. This is definitely a flavor I urge you to try this Spring.

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