Though I’m still considered a newlywed, with our first anniversary occurring just this year, I still find it extremely difficult to find the right gift for Sarah. You would think that it would be easy because we are so “new,” but that’s not the case. Perhaps I overlooked the simplest of details, or maybe it’s because I tend to gift throughout the year, leaving the holidays a bit more stressful to come up with something great. Whatever the case may be, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gift for my wife each Valentine’s Day. Something unique that I’ve never given her before.

The Eternity Rose is unlike any rose you’ve ever bought for your partner before. Each natural rose is dipped in 24 karat gold and presented in an exquisite leather case with a certificate authenticity.

The Eternity Rose packaging 24k Gold Rose - The Eternity Rose

Of course, gold isn’t for everyone, so head on over to The Eternity Rose to find their silver, platinum, and glazed natural rose gift options. Unlike that traditional bouquet of roses you were planning on grabbing your partner for Valentine’s Day, The Eternity Rose will last a lifetime!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!


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