Get Your Family Healthy with Kurbo

Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult without the proper help or guidance. It takes good education and a strong discipline. This is something I’ve become rather familiar with over the last few months. I’ve recently joined my local Orange Theory Fitness, and swear by their 60-minute classes and education I receive from their trainers. Though this type of workout isn’t for everyone, so where does one go to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Kurbo has made it simple for kids, teens, and families to get on the right track to leading a healthy lifestyle. The key lies in their one-on-one coaching. Each week, you meet with your dedicated Kurbo coach via phone or video conference to discuss and review your progress. Even better, you can meet Kurbo’s coaches before you are assigned one and get to know them. This adds a tremendous level of comfort for those that might be hesitant on making the first step into a healthier lifestyle.

Kurbo’s kid-friendly app makes tracking food and exercise easy, and it’s fun! Since most kids and teens these days already have a smart device, there’s very little education needed for the app. They’ll learn healthy lifestyle habits like portion control, planning ahead, and nutrition – all through fun games and videos.

Kurbo Traffic Light System

Diets can be intimidating, and are usually temporary. The reason for this is simple: they aren’t realistic. The key is to make a lifestyle change, and this is why Kurbo created the Traffic Light System, an easy-to-understand food clarification system.

Kurbo App Screenshots

They categorized foods by their nutritional value and put them in three different color categories. I think it’s safe to say even a child knows what the colors on a traffic light means. For example: carbs and sugars are reds, yogurts are yellow, and fruits and veggies are green. Their food recommendations are proven safe and effective by Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program.

Here’s what Kurbo Coach Sara’s Traffic Light System favorites look like. Bananas for green, Non-fat Greek yogurt with cinnamon as yellow, and sausage and pineapple pizza for red. You get the picture.

Compared to other services Kurbo outperforms in cost, one-on-one sessions, location, and more. I think one of the biggest problems in leading any sort of healthy lifestyle is cost and lack of education, something that Kurbo is able to help with in spades.

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