I love when I’m able to find small gifts that work well for a number of people around the holidays. I’m specifically talking about stocking stuffer gifts. I feel as though I’m always on the lookout for things that aren’t the traditional socks or cologne you might find in your stockings Christmas morning.

Below you will find a list of fun brands I’ve recently discovered that work great as last-minute stocking stuffer gifts.

Mt. Everest Whiskey Glasses

Mt. Everest Whiskey Glasses

The Whiskey Peaks collection of whiskey glasses from Huckberry are a great gift for the spirit connoisseur. Each glass is handblown and made from premium lead-free glass that resembles a famous mountain. My favorite of the collection is their Mt. Everest, though the rest of their offerings is equally as cool.  Each pack comes in a set of two.

Mountain Whiskey Glassware

Dad Brand Apparel

I love a good dad hat. The fit always compliments whoever is wearing it and usually features a fun logo on it.

Dad Brand Apparel has a number of 6-panel dad hats made from 100% cotton and features an adjustable strap. The avocado dad hat can be seen below on me while having breakfast in Los Cabos during a recent work trip. I also have their pizza hat which I love.

Avocado hat from Dad Brand Apparel

See their entire collection of dad hats, beanies, shirts and more over on DadBrandApparel.com.

Cocktail Courier

I find that most love a good cocktail, but have no idea how to make them. Go ahead and ask someone if they know how to make that old fashioned they love to order so much. Chances are they’ll tell you there’s some sugar and a cherry in it, but won’t be able to tell you how to make one. This is why this year I’ll be filling stockings with Cocktail Courier.

Cocktail Courier is exactly how it sounds. Instead of you going out and grabbing the ingredients for a cocktail, they send it to you. All you have to do is provide the spirit that goes into your drink and follow the step-by-step directions found inside the package.

Cocktail Courier - Holiday Old Fashioned

Currently, my personal favorite Cocktail Courier is the Holiday Old Fashioned (shown above). I actually took it with me on my flight to Los Cabos and enjoyed it thousands of miles in the air from the comfort of my Delta Comfort Plus seat. So delicious and easy to make!

No Fine Print Wine

No bullshit – no fine print

Ok, maybe wine isn’t the best option for a stocking gift, but I don’t care. This wine is worth mentioning, even if it takes up the entire stocking.

No Fine Print Wine

No Fine Print Wine is a passion project that was developed by friends Pat, Tim and Ryan Arnold. Pat manages Chance the Rapper; Tim is the longtime music manager for Skrillex; and Ryan is a wine director and sommelier. Currently they’re producing two varietals: the 2014 Syrah Blend and a blend that is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bourbon + Brown Sugar Candle

These handmade candles by Sydney Hale not only smell good, they double as a whiskey glass once the flame burns down. Each candle is handpoured in small batches in their Virginia workshop.

Sydney Hale - Bourbon + Brown Sugar Candle