This post is sponsored by Luvocracy and Style Coalition

Luvocracy is the way to buy recommended pins, posts, tweets and shares.

Luvocracy is a new type of marketplace looking to help you find the things you’ll love, curated by the people you trust. I think it’s safe to say we all go to social media to find out about the latest happenings. Rarely do we purchase something without some sort of recommendation or approval from our friends.

With Luvocracy, you get both trusted recommendations and a marketplace to buy them. Take my account as an example. I’m into showcasing cool men’s style, cars, gear, and technology. So naturally on Luvocracy I’m curating all of this with 4 different collections. (men’s style collection shown below)

Joe's Daily's Luvocracy Collection

You can use the site from your computer, but I personally recommend their iOS app. Its highly addicting and easy to use. Whether you’re looking to buy or save items to your collections, the app makes it effortless. To get started simply download the free Luvocracy iOS app from the App Store, sign up for a new account or connect using your Facebook, and wallah, you’ll be “LUVing” items in no time.

Each time something you recommended gets purchased, you earn rewards, even if that recommendation was passed along. Same goes for you buying an item on Luvocracy. The person that recommended it will receive rewards. It’s like you’re sending them a thank you for being awesome and showing you the cool product.

Be sure to check out my collections on Luvocracy and create your own collections to share with friends. I would love to see what you come up with, so link your profile in the comments.