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When it comes to summer, I’ve always found it easy to create a bucket list of things I wanted to do. To be fair, it isn’t very difficult when the majority of summer activities revolve around being outside with friends, which is right down my alley. But what about those other seasons; can we really leave them out?

Below is a list of some activities that have no dependence on what time of year it is, so Fall, Winter and Spring can get in on the action. Hopefully these will help give you a little inspiration, perhaps even a push to creating your very own bucket list.

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Hike More

Exploring nature, whether it be by yourself (stay safe) or with a group of friends is an all-around wonderful experience. Sadly, I just recently caught the hiking bug not long ago after a few friends invited me to do the cliché LA Runyon Canyon hike. Sure, it isn’t as picturesque as let’s say Yellowstone National Park, but it sure is beautiful.

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Hiking with Friends

mike's HARD Strawberry Lemonade flavor

Do Something Extreme

This bucket list activity is really open-ended. Think sky diving, bungee jumping and swimming with sharks; all things I’ve yet to do but sit high up on the bucket list.

Bungee Jumping

Take Cooking Classes

I hate to toot my own horn but… I’m a pretty good cook. However, I understand that are millions of things to learn about cuisine and I’m an eager little sponge. One particular asset I hope to acquire from classes is the artistry that goes into pairing food and beverages. Take for example Graham Elliot’s Grilled Chicken with Watermelon Salsa Recipe, which he paired with mike’s Apple Ale. I want to be that guy that just knows what should go with what.

Graham Elliot's Grilled Chicken with Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Become a Mixologist

This sort-of goes hand-in-hand with the cooking classes activity above. I don’t want to necessarily become a bartender per say, but would love to get better at making cocktails. For example, take this mike’s HARD Peach Lemonade recipe: Boozy Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Float with Hard Peach Lemonade. Try and tell me that doesn’t sound amazing.

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Floats
Photo & Recipe Credit: White on Rice Couple

These are just some of my mike’s inspired bucket list items. What’s yours? Share with us on Twitter by tagging @JoesDaily and @MHL in a Tweet.