New Products for Your Dog this Spring

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Pet products for Spring 2022

Man’s best friend is more than just a companion, they’re family. I didn’t know this type of bond until I rescued my Shih Tzu Holly with my wife after moving from Los Angeles to the Midwest. By far one of the best decisions we ever made.

Since welcoming Holly into her forever home, my wife Sarah and I are constantly trying to find ways to give her the best life possible, which usually starts with quality products. See a few of the products that we recommend spoiling your dog with this Spring, or really any time of year.

Natural Care Products for Your Dog

Responsibly sourced and quality products are the only ones we’re interested in for our pup. Thankfully we’ve found Natural Care Products. They use plant-based ingredients like activated charcoal and clove oil, as well as soothing solutions like pumpkin, aloe vera, and lavender. Here are a few of our new favorite Natural Care Products.

Natural Care+ Odor Neutralizing Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Natural Care+ Odor Neutralizing Activated Charcoal Shampoo

This shampoo from Natural Care couldn’t have come at a better time. Sarah and I have been looking to cycle out of the old shampoo we were using for Holly since it seemed to bother her skin. Natural Care+ Odor Neutralizing Activated Charcoal Shampoo uses the benefits of activated charcoal and Natural Care’s patented odor-eliminating technology to absorb and remove impurities in the skin and coat. Best of all, it moisturizes and protects her coat by using Aloe Vera to help rehydrate and soothe irritated skin.

Natural Care+ Aches-PLUS Tasty Chewables

Natural Care+ Aches-PLUS Tasty Chewables

Dogs get aches and pains just like humans do. Have you ever worked out and needed a few days to recover? Think of it the same way for your dog, too. Perhaps you went on a long hike and now your pup is feeling it. Natural Care+ Aches-PLUS Tasty Chewables are here to help with the discomfort. 

These tasty chewables feature a mix of natural ingredients such as Pineapple Bromelain, White Willow Bark, and Yucca Root, an ideal blend for senior dogs, active dogs, and large breed dogs. Completely Aspirin free, so you can be sure there isn’t any synthetic nonsense to harm your furry friend.

Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Products

Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Products

Flea and tick prevention is a major requirement to protect your dog. Sarah and I recently switched to Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Leave-In Foam, as well as Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Wipes. Both products use plant-based active ingredients to help battle off fleas and ticks, like peppermint oil and eugenol (from clover plants). They’re especially great for pups who hate having to get those additional baths due to shampoos and other products requiring a full rinse-off.

eufy Pet Camera

eufy Pet Camera

Now that travel has slowly opened back up, my wife and I are eager to get back out on the road. Part of my job is to travel and the best part is when I can take Sarah along with me. Previously, we didn’t have a pet to worry about, but now that we do we’ve wanted a good home camera to keep an eye out on things. This is where eufy Pet Camera comes in.

This handy little camera feels like it does it all. Its 270° Rotatable Body helps see more of what your dog is getting into. You never know when you’ll want to capture their crazy antics, whether you’re at home with them or out for the day. The eufy Pet Camera uses AI Tracking and Smart Alerts to follow your dog and let you know when they might need you. My favorite thing is it doesn’t require a subscription, unlike other pet cameras on the market, which can prove to be quite costly. Did I mention it can also toss treats, too? Definitely a gamechanger when we’re out of the house and want to make Holly feel special.

eufy Pet Camera Discount Code:

The eufy Pet Camera usually goes for a retail price of $199.99, but we have a special code for you. Head over to Amazon and use coupon code ‘eufypet30‘ for an extra $10 off during this special promotion period of 4/18-4/24, and get one for $159.99.

Pioneer Pet Fountain + Pick Up Bags

Pioneer 'Vortex' Pet Fountain Pioneer drawstring waste bags

The Pioneer Pet Fountain, aka. Elevated Vortex, is a drinking fountain made especially for medium and large dogs. The vortex it creates pulls down any hair or debris from the bowl while adding oxygen into the water to create crisp, clean drinking water.

Things to note:

  • 128 oz.  capacity
  • Made from BPA Premium plastic

Pioneer Pet Unscented Pick Up Bags are super easy to use. Just place your hand in the drawstring bag, pick up the waste, and pull the string shut. No more worrying about touching any of your pup’s mess.

Things to note:

  • Leak-resistant
  • 80 bag count

Special Offer/Product Discount Code

Use code ‘summer10’ to receive 10% off at

MultiPet Dog Toys

Shih Tzu playing with MultiPet dog toys

Holly absolutely loves a good ball to play with after breakfast. Pair that with a good squeaker, and she is in heaven. The Polka Dot Ball dog toy from MultiPet is just that. Its soft latex with plush fibers was designed for playful interaction with your pet. Holly is really attracted to the ball’s bright, vibrant colors.

After she gets done chasing and squeaking her Polka Dot Ball, Holly will cuddle up to her Wrinkleez dog toy. MultiPet designed this to be a playful, yet soft plush cuddly toy for your pup. This toy comes as an assortment of animals including a pig, panda, duck, elephant, and koala. MultiPet sent Holly the pig, which she absolutely adores.

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