There’s more to self-care than candles, face masks, and bubble baths. There are many different aspects of self-care to consider, from your emotional and physical health to your spiritual and professional development.

If you’re like most people, you only have so much time to dedicate to self-care. Investing in some quality self-care products can help you make the most of that time, promoting self-care in all its forms. For example, an air purifier might combat your allergies, or a new medication could reverse signs of hair loss. Whatever your self-care goals, you’ll find a product meant to help you meet them. With a few investments, you’ll be feeling, looking, and generally being better in no time at all.

A Product That Keeps You Healthy

Health and wellness are at the core of self-care, so it’s no surprise that your physical health is a critical element of any self-care routine. There are many ways you can invest in your physical wellness and plenty of products to make that happen.

An air purifier, though, may be the most versatile option. When you invest in a small or large room air purifier and a few replacement filters can minimize allergens like pollen and pet dander, reduce odors in your home, and improve the overall air quality of your space. Breathing is an essential part of being alive—why wouldn’t it be crucial to living your best life?

A Product That Instills Self-Confidence

Self-care is not without side effects, but they happen to be positive ones, such as self-confidence. A self-care product that stimulates self-confidence will most often target insecurity or highlight a favorite feature.

For example, someone dealing with hair loss might read a Keeps hair loss review that leads them to research shampoos and other treatment options that promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. Few traits can spark the same confidence as a full head of hair, especially if you worked to hide your receding hairline previously.

A Product That Connects You With the Universe

Whether you’re deeply religious or more generally spiritual, you can find a product to enhance your spiritual self-care. That may be buying a new yoga mat, adding to your crystal collection, or picking out a special rosary. Whatever your beliefs, you can find a product to complement them, connecting you to your deity or the universe at large. Even that air purifier can help—what better motivation for taking up meditation could you find than your newfound clean air?

A Product That Cultivates Your Career

Professional self-care is often overlooked, with employees turning to a work-life balance that focuses on the latter. Regardless, incorporating self-care in your career can improve that elusive balance, leaving you room to care for yourself at work and home. This could be a planner to finally organize your to-do list or a standing desk to improve your productivity and benefit your health along with it. This category is another that can overlap, too—maybe your idea of career self-care is restoring your lush hairline and finally having the confidence to ask for a raise.

A Product That Brings You Joy

When it comes to joyful self-care, your focus can be on just about anything. If indoor allergens make you miserable, invest in that air purifier and HEPA filter and bask in the clean air. Is hair loss or dandruff leading you into a deep depression? A topical treatment like shampoo and conditioner with medications like finasteride or minoxidil can provide the hair loss treatment you’re craving. Sometimes, this can be as simple as treating yourself to dessert or a new toy. If it makes you happy, make time and space for it!

Self-care comes in many forms, and they aren’t always showcased in pop culture. From a new treatment plan or a tool that will make any large room your favorite part of the house, products of all shapes and sizes can enhance various aspects of your self-care regimen. Altogether, these products and your self-care efforts can absolutely transform your life.