The Social World Cup [Infographic]

The World Cup is set to take centre stage all across the planet for the next few weeks. Everyone is excited to see their team do well and across the world support will be shown, with Football Shirts, Promotional Scarves (more info) and car accessories predicted to be particularly popular. While everyone wants their country to do well, the hot topic is who will win the World Cup? Betting Odds favour Argentina and Brazil, but that isn’t stopping pundits from suggesting outsiders such as Belgium or even Uruguay could surprise everyone and Spain shouldn’t be written off to make a historic challenge to retain the World Cup Title.

Promotional item experts Stay Sourced decided a great way to predict who would win the World Cup would be to look to Twitter and created the Social World Cup infographic. This took predicted starting XIs from each of the teams and combines the followers of the players’ official twitter accounts to give each country a total number of twitter followers. These teams were then placed in the tournament until the winner was found. According to Twitter followers, Spain will manage the unthinkable and hold onto the Cup, while this year’s Ballon d’Or winner Christiano Ronaldo will help take Portugal all the way to the final. Favourites Brazil and Argentina are predicted as the tournament’s runners up after Portugal.

Social World Cup Infographic

For more facts about the Brazil World Cup, and to find out the starting XIs which Stay Sourced used, check out Stay Sourced’s Social World Cup 2014 page.

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