Tempur-Pedic Surprises Self-Proclamined “Professional Sleeper” with New Bed

I’m living proof of the motto, “do what you love and good things will come.” Heck, as I write this post right now, I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging full-time for over five years. It’s amazing what a little consistency and passion can do. I imagine this is the same concept that Reed College senior Sage Michaels used when he sent his “sleep resume” video to Tempur-Pedic HQ in hopes of obtaining a sleep sponsorship.

Sage Michaels, Tempur-Pedic Ambassador

Michaels is a self-proclaimed “Professional Sleeper,” who received the surprise of a lifetime at his home in Portland, Oregon from Tempur-Pedic. He woke up to a delivery van full of the following Tempur-Pedic products: mattress, adjustable base, pillows, and a personalized, embroidered Tempur-Pedic “Sleep Champion” pajama set and robe. There was even a local choir there to sing the original “sleep” song they had written.

Sage Michaels and all of his Tempur-Pedic gifts

Everything was captured by a local ABC affiliate and can be watched here.

Watch the video Sage Michaels sent to Tempur-Pedic below for a little inspiration on obtaining your own sponsorship. Who knows, you could be the next ambassador of -insert brand here-.

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